26 March 2011

Marimekko splurge

A couple of days ago Brands Exclusive had a sale on a range of Marimekko homewares, and I couldn't resist indulging a little (considering everything was half price). Thankfully they didn't have any tea pots, because I may have gone a little crazier with the spending if they did.

I bought myself a tea cup and large plate from the Siirtolapuutarha range. I won't be using the cup for tea, though; I think I'll put something lovely in it instead. The plate will be used for cakes, of course!

There are still a few items left in the sale, which finishes tomorrow night. I happen to know that a certain other blogger has already indulged...


  1. Oh my that is so cute! I can't believe I missed that (I get the Brand Exclusive emails too!)

  2. I'm with Emma - how did I miss this! So jealous.

  3. Such cuteness! :)

  4. Yes. Yes I did! I would have loved the plate you bought, but it was sold so I got the circle-y one. I would have been in big big trouble if they still had the little bowls for sale. Imagine, breakfast every morning with marimekko :)

  5. hello! lovely to have found your blog! These plates are divine - such a fabulous find! having never heard of Brands Exclusive I am intrigued, how does it work?