05 March 2011

Sew La Tea Do!

Last night we met my sister in the city for dinner (thanks to Irene for the Satay Club recommendation!), and then we stopped off at the book store before heading home. I stumbled across Pip's latest book, Sew La Tea Do, which is lovely! It even has a big fat pocket full of patterns.

Within its pages, I instantly found a treasure trove of goodies I'd like to make. The photographs are amazing, and I even spotted a big fat guinea pig! I would particularly love to make the sunny day and Miss Marlo dresses, as well as the super cute origami wallet.

This morning I had a little bit of time I my hands, so I decided to make some little zipper pouches from some spare fabric. They are a little smaller than Pip's (as I only had 15cm zips), but they are the perfect size for coins. Pretty soon, they'll be in the post to some unsuspecting friends. Hurrah!


  1. Looking forward to trying out the Satay Club. This book looks inspiring. I officially started my first sewing lesson this morning at Gardnam's so feeling very excited and have grand sewing visions swirling about in my head! Cute purses!

  2. oh my goodness, just lovely! that dress pattern looks gorgeous too. can't wait to be inspired by your creations! rummage is tomorrow..will you be able to pop by? i won't be selling but it's going to be a good one. x

  3. It's such a great book ... I can't wait to finally make something.
    I love your coin purses ... and that fabric is super cute.

  4. Thank you SO MUCH Kylie, that little purse is absolutely adorable :))) Made my day!!