20 March 2011

Our home... in Pop art

Yesterday I picked up my fancy new camera - an Olympus PEN EPL-1. It's a nice, happy medium between a compact point-and-shoot (which is what I had previously) and a full-blown DSLR (which I really have no need for). Amongst other advantages, it will no doubt make my blog photos 100 times better.

The camera has six built-in art filters, and due to the large amount of red in our home I've become a little obsessed with the Pop art feature. The following images were taken on a very gloomy, overcast day (which would have meant 'don't bother trying to take photos' in the past). I can't wait to see how photos look when the sun is out!

1 comment:

  1. Ohhhh ... nice!
    I have serious 'new camera' envy happening over here ... I can't wait to upgrade mine too! :)

    PS. The photos look lovely.