26 January 2011

Office pinboard reworked

The other day I curated a new display for our office pinboard (after deciding back in November to make a regular habit of changing the display).

I've kept the Bespoke Letterpress initials from the previous display, but changed to a different gift card. I've also added a gift card from O-Check, postcards from Love and Peta Pledger, as well as a couple of postcards and a polaroid received from friends (thanks to Elissa for the polaroid!). There's also bits and pieces from Pigeonhole, Pinecone Camp and Anthropologie. The red ribbon is from Rivane Neuenschwander's I Wish your Wish installation at the Gallery of Modern Art. It reads 'I wish I could make a time portal'. Really, I do.


  1. The pinboard's looking lovely! Your photos are so sweet, and I really pretty much anything that Bespoke Letterpress produce.

    PS. I really hope you get to return to work next week ... I can't believe how long it's taking.

  2. just lovely. love all the treats you have featured on there. i missed out on getting some of those bespoke press gift tags, gorgeous!