27 January 2011

Apples and pears

Today I had to head into the city for a haircut (I'm still working from home until further notice). Afterwards, I went to Target and Myer to try and find a box frame for the butterfly art work kit I got for Christmas. Success!

As I was passing through Target, I saw an apple print mug out of the corner of my eye. I went over, and realised that it was only $1.87. Bargain! Even better was the fact that there wasn't just one style of apple mugs, but two! Even better than that was that there were pears as well! We don't need mugs at home. In fact, we have plenty. But I couldn't not have them considering the designs are so similar to the ones I printed at the Thea & Sami workshop last year.

As we don't need to drink coffee from them until we break every other mug in the place (I expect that to take at least ten years), they can sit pretty on top of the microwave accompanied by my nesting doll measuring cups.


  1. How adorable! I love the fruit theme a lot of stores have at the moment!

    Thank you for your lovely comment too!

    x Jasmine

  2. What a bargain find with those mugs. They were destined to be yours I can see having checked out your great screen prints. A match made in heaven. I might get myself some.
    Look forward to seeing your butterflies framed too! :)

  3. Very cute - and CHEAP! What a find :)

  4. That's crazy. When I saw the icon on my blog roll, I thought that you had your designs printed onto mugs. All part of the design mass sub-conscious...

  5. Helly Kylie! Very cute mugs! They kind of look like the Target Orla Kiely line but I don't think they are... how awesome that Target makes knock offs of its own stuff! Btw, I also have those Matryoshkas Made to Measure, LOVE them! I wish I had brought them with me to Germany.

  6. Ooops, that was meant to say "Hello Kylie!" :)