17 January 2011

Crafty folk raising money for the floods

Apologies for the lack of posting. Although we are completely untouched physically by the floods here in Nundah, I couldn't help but be glued to the TV for the last few days. We have plenty of friends in the affected areas, but to my knowledge no-one we are close to lost a lot (although, that may be because we simply don't know yet).

I left work at about 10.30 last Tuesday morning (to get home before transport was potentially halted), and I haven't been able to go back. We've been told that we'll likely be allowed back in on Wednesday, but that's not confirmed. I've had no access to my work email until late yesterday, so today and tomorrow I'll do what little I can to try and help out.

As we all know, there's been a huge amount of support being offered by so many in our community - not just in Brisbane, but elsewhere. John and I spent a couple of days cooking up a storm for Baked Relief, where snacks and meals are cooked for the hungry volunteers around the city. The lovely Kelley from Peppermint magazine was even lovely enough to collect a batch. More food will be needed in the coming weeks, so if you can spare a few hours to cook, please do.
A sample of my baked goods on day 2!
Image: Peppermint

The BrisStyle team has listed HEAPS of items on Etsy for their Handmade Ark Appeal, with all proceeds going to the flood appeal. There are a few similar Etsy groups happening too, such as the Australian Flood Appeal.

Make it Perfect has an auction of similarly crafty items, with all proceeds going to the appeal.

Jewellery-makers Epheriell Designs (until 20 January) and Polli (until 31 January) are donating 20 per cent of sales.

Little Shop of Handmade are donating 100 per cent (yes, 100 per cent!) of all internet sales from 20 December to 23 January. This is so amazingly generous, so I think I'll be doing some shopping!

If there are any more places deserving of a mention, please leave a comment and I'll add them to the list.

Please also don't forget the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal if you wish to donate directly. Also, the RSPCA do not receive any of the appeal funds collected, so are running their own fundraising campaign. They need to rebuild their entire Fairfield shelter (including the veterinary clinic), so please help if you can. Lifeline could also use some help, so they can assist with counselling those affected.


  1. Thanks for all the links Kylie, and glad to hear you were safe. Your baked goodies look yummy too!

  2. Hi Kylie, glad to hear you were fine and dry. I'm so pleased things are returning to normal, and I think out of all this the capacity for human beings to work together has been refreshing for our souls. Just beautiful the generosity of the human spirit.

  3. Thanks for pulling the links together ... I haven't seen a few of these! :)
    I think some shopping is definitely in order with all those fantastic sellers being so incredibly generous! :)

    Well done on your baking efforts for baked relief. I'm hoping to find some time later in the week to do some more cooking too! :)

  4. Thanks for the links Kylie. I'm hungry again after looking at the yummy food!
    The Queenslanders make my Aussie heart swell with pride.
    Megs :)