02 January 2011

Christmas presents!

Christmas this year was spent with John's family in Toowoomba, and unfortunately I spent Christmas eve with a stomach bug (which also meant I didn't really feel like indulging much on Christmas day). Nevertheless, we had a lovely time, despite the incessant rain.

After Christmas we made it to Coffs Harbour to visit my grandparents before many of the roads were cut (it's lucky we weren't going to visit my parents and sister in Bundaberg, as we wouldn't have made it!). In Coffs Harbour we had one full day of rain, and two full days of sun! We spent our time reading, walking on the beach, swimming (and getting a little sunburnt - oops) and visiting the Big Banana in order to eat frozen chocolate-and-nut-covered bananas.

Of course, with Christmas time also came present time! My family and friends sent some lovely and very thoughtful gifts my way, including a whole heap of books! Yay for Frankie Spaces!

In addition to the above, I also got Anh Do's The Happiest Refugee, which I read during the rainy periods in Coffs. I also got this super stylish Joseph Joseph colander, which will no doubt be used in conjunction with the recipe books. It hooks onto the side of the sink!

I also got myself some nice new jewellery items from Baba Ganoush, Limedrop and Polli.

These lovely trinkets were courtesy of some good friends - a plaster tree decoration cast from a seed pod from Kuber, an adorable jar of gift cards featuring deer and squirrels from O-Check, and a DIY butterfly art work kit from Paper Tree Design.

And, finally, I got this lovely watering can planter, which I'm going to put some tasty herbs in. There were a couple of World Vision Smiles charity cards inside the planter as well, which I was most grateful for.

So that's Christmas over! Over the coming days I'll be posting my 2011 goals, of which there are quite a few.

I hope that all of my Flying Ducks readers had a happy and safe Christmas and new year!


  1. Nice haul on the Christmas presents ... but BOO to that horrid stomach bug - we both seem to have suffered bad timing with being sick on Christmas eve. It's sad to think of all that food I 'could' have been eating! ;)

    Such a shame that I'll soon have to go back to work, but I've really enjoyed the break ... I could get used to do lots of bits and pieces during the day.

    PS. You won't believe it, but of course the Christmas gift I intended for you arrived the day AFTER we had lunch ... haha ... such awesome timing from Aus Post!

  2. I have one of those colanders. Kirsty bought it for me. She swears by it. It is good.

  3. Hi Kylie Happy New Year! Nice stash. I'm looking forward to reading my 'Spaces' as well. O-Check is brilliant - I just bought myself the smaller jar like that with the tiny tags ☺. Ooh, I've been looking for a butterfly stamp - how big is it? So pleased I found you last year. J x