06 January 2010

Update on my ebay purchase

As hoped, my bright red milk glass vase was waiting for me when I got home yesterday! It was immediately apparent that the vase was not going to be quite large enough to use as a feature on the dining table, so I was left to find it another home.

I have a red milk glass dish, so i decided the two should become friends. I did have a cute little red-and-white polka dot cup sitting next to the dish (as seen here), but I think the vase is a better match - what do you think?I also switched the record cover in the frame to John Wayne's musical score for War of the Worlds - awesome! Although, much to my dismay I discovered that we only seem to have one of the two LPs, so I might dig around at the Lifeline Bookfest in a couple of weeks and see if I can find a replacement.
In other news: three posts in two days - I'm on a roll!

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