24 January 2010

Perspex initials

A few months ago when we were at Reverse Garbage, I took a liking to these perspex letters. I was lucky enough to find some with our initials on them, so happily took them home. Then, we put them somewhere REALLY safe - so safe that it took me about six weeks to eventually find them (high on a shelf in the garage).

Today, I finally wandered around the house trying to find them a home. I had a feeling they'd end up somewhere in the main bedroom, and here they are - on the side table in our reading area. John may decide to move them when he gets home, but this is where they live for the timebeing!

What do you think - worth the $3.50 each I paid for them?


  1. yes! I love readerboard letters!

  2. Oh is THAT what they're called? I couldn't quite remember!