15 January 2010

More pictures from my Apartment Therapy photo shoot

I thought I'd upload a few extra images that I took for the Apartment Therapy House Call. Although many of the images weren't of great quality (since I'm not the world's greatest photographer or interior stylist!), these are some additional favourites of mine.

I really quite like this one...

Living room from a different perspective...

View of the living area from the dining room...

Some of my favourite things from some special friends...

Suitcases and other cute things in the bedroom (including the red suitcase, which I've had since I was little - it still holds my childhood drawings and paintings)...

And, finally, another nice shot of the office!

Thank you to everyone who commented here and on the Apartment Therapy site - the feedback means a lot to me, and hopefully our home will continue to improve over the years to come!


  1. I just found your blog - loving the pics! I will be back to read more :)

  2. Oh I love those suitcases, so cute. Love your blog lady :-)

  3. Ahhhh, you're both very sweet - thank you!