25 November 2012

Japanese cotton sateen skirt

I recently purchased a few cheap New Look patterns online, but didn't have any suitable fabrics for them. A visit to Spotlight and $98 later, I ended up with an assortment of designs that I could instantly picture as dresses and skirts.

I decided that the red and cream Japanese cotton sateen floral print would work perfectly as a skirt, and cut out the pieces for view D of this (minus the bows).

This is a really simple skirt to make (I even followed all of the instructions to the letter without cutting corners!). That said, I always struggle to get outside pockets looking as perfect as they should be. Even though my pocket stitching is a little wonky on the rounded corners, it's not too noticeable as the fabric is vibrant enough to detract away from it.

I made a size 8, which sits a little lower on the hips than I'd like. This is probably because I'm used to making high-waisted skirt designs, but I think next time I might make a 6. If I omitted the pockets, I could very easily sew the skirt together in under two hours.


  1. Awesome!

    If you ever accidentally make one that's way too large...

  2. beautiful, looking forward to reading more of your posts.