02 December 2012

Mustard pear top with collar

Included in my fabric haul from Spotlight last week was some mustard-coloured cotton with a white pear print. I originally planned to make a skirt with it, but yesterday wondered how it would look as a top with a Peter Pan collar. I didn't have a pattern for such a thing, so I decided to adapt this top and add the collar myself. After scouring my pattern books, I found the perfect collar design in a book of 1980s kids' party dresses.

There's not much to say here, other than it turned out amazing. I'm quite comfortable boasting about this one. Everything is perfect. The zip is perfect, the fit is perfect and, of course, the collar is perfect. I sewed the collar pieces together and attached them to the shirt front right before I added the neck facing. I don't think I couldn't have planned it better.

I think after this success, I'm going to add collars to tops more often...


  1. That is my favourite style of collar. You look great. My niece's grandmother (not my Mum, the other one) just made her 16 pairs of frilly pants to wear over her nappies, to match some of her dresses. They are SO COOL. I wish I could sew. Maybe in a few years...

  2. Good job, you! That looks great, and of course it suits you excellently!

  3. Holy crap - you are a good sewer lady. I can do small bags, straight lines etc - but patterns are like calculus to me.

  4. Looking good, are you planning on making repeats of this pattern?