04 November 2012

Black denim meringue skirt

I bought the Colette Sewing Handbook earlier this year, but hadn't tackled any of its projects until this weekend. I'd had my eye on the meringue skirt, so decided to try and make a black denim version.

While this is a very easy pattern to make, it's extremely fiddly in terms of hand-sewing and pressing. I decided to ignore a lot of the pattern instructions and do whatever the hell I wanted, because I consider myself some sort of sewing renegade. Or maybe I'm just impatient and like to cut corners.

Anyway, this took forever due to turning in and pressing all of the scalloped edges. I'm still not entirely happy with the curves, so I haven't fully hand-stitched the hem yet in case I want to try and round the edges some more. You see how I look cranky? That's because I am. How unusual.

I decided to use a black and white gingham for the facing. It's probably a little too light for this kind of thing, and I probably would have been better off using a heavier cotton.

I like this skirt design, but I probably wouldn't make it again. I spent at least two hours cutting the pattern and fabric, and about six hours constructing the skirt (including pressing and hand-sewing). There are plenty more skirt patterns that look just as good and require far less (or no) hand-stitching, so this won't become one of my staple designs.