28 May 2011

Solid wood

We recently became fed up with our old Ikea chopping board. It looked pretty, but needed regular oiling where it had warped and split due to moisture seeping into the joins. It probably wasn't the most hygienic chopping board, either.

I embarked on an online journey to find the perfect rectangular solid timber board (none of these 'freeform' types). My search led me to to the 'Rocky', a beast of a board made from sustainable camphor laurel, and with red gum handles. It also turns out that the seller lives close by, and was able to drop my board off to save on postage. I can most certainly say that the investment was well worth it!

I was also recently given this adorable strawberry chopping board from Freedom. I have a feeling that it will end up making an excellent cheese board!


  1. Love the K&J markings- how special!

  2. I love this. Mine is in a state, this one is excellent! Thank you for posting. I hope the new job is going well, I am sure everyone in art land missses you. Hope the new challenges are fun and the new office fun too. xx Megan

  3. Oh my ... I remember you talking about this one. It's huge and lovely.
    How wonderful that your initials are include - I guess that means I won't be able to steal it? ;)

  4. I love wood. I bet that board smelt heavenly on arrival. The other one is very cute, and perfect for a cheese board I think. Riini may have some for you!