20 May 2011

Farewell gifts

On my last day at my job, I was treated like a princess! It's no secret that I love my cakes, and I was certainly indulged in that department. This is just a small selection of what was provided for morning tea...

Lovely Laura also baked me this platter of amazing brownies!

My colleagues all chipped in to buy me some truly wonderful goodbye gifts. My love of both books and design must be really obvious!

By far the BEST (and most thoughtful) present was this vintage milk glass vase, complete with a red bird print! Followers of this blog will no doubt recognise just how many boxes are ticked by this gift. Apparently this lovely item was hurriedly shipped over from the US. How lucky am I to have worked with such thoughtful people?! 


  1. Oh nice ... cakes and presents sound like a match made in heaven. I wonder if my work colleagues would know me as well as your colleagues clearly know your taste?

  2. The jar is beautiful. There is another kind of farewell gift would be nice. A wooden name trains.