08 May 2011

My heart wanders...

Yesterday Tracey and I had the pleasure of attending an afternoon tea at St Francis in Milton to celebrate the launch of Pia Jane Bijkerk's new book my heart wanders.

We had a little hiccup on our way there (as a delightful little canine chap named Tedwin needed to be rescued from his adventures on a busy Nundah road), but we still made it with plenty of time to spare. We sampled some of the tasty treats on offer, and couldn't resist sitting on the very green (and very soft) grass. Later, we were lucky enough to meet Pia herself and have our copies of her book signed, and I look forward to reading it one winter's day with a blanket, a chocolate slice and a big cup of chai.

A big thank you goes to Kylie Johnson of Paper Boat Press and, of course, Pia for organising the event.

Also, just a little note to explain my diminished blogging activities of late. Recently, my heart has wandered a little bit too, and this has just last week resulted in me resigning from my job of more than nine years in order to move on to a new adventure in educational publishing. I'll be packing up my things over the next couple of weeks and the tears will no doubt flow, but I am excited to begin this new chapter in my working life.


  1. amazing!!!!!!!!! i am so jealous of your pia escapades. my gorgeous friend trudy has been a fan for ages and just purchased the book. oh my, it's divine. i get goosebumps reading it. it's beautiful and then some. sounds like a lovely afternoon. so excited for you and your plans, start reading her book, you'll know you've made the right decision. we need to discuss it over tea and cake one lunchtime before you go. see you in the week. xx

  2. poor Tedwin - although what a cool dog name!

  3. It was such a lovely day! :)
    ... and dear little Tedwin, what a delight he was to meet.

    I had to laugh about our mutual feet photos too! ;)

  4. Dear Kylie, good luck on your new work adventures. I hope it brings you even more joy and success. Xx Katherine

  5. Is that the church near the Milton IGA? It's lovely!

    Good luck with your new work adventures - how very brave of you!

    x Jasmine