17 April 2011

Giveaway: Origami recipe hearts

As you may have seen a little while ago, I recently made some origami recipe hearts for the Brisbane ABCD Meetup. I went along on Friday night and met some super lovely and creative people (not to mention the super lovely and creative items they all made for the goodie bags!).

Would you like an origami recipe heart to appear in your mailbox? If so, please leave a comment and tell me what recipe you would put inside. You have until Wednesday night... good luck!


  1. What a cute little idea! I would put a recipe for flourless chocolate and raspberry cake inside :)

  2. Yes please, my recipe would be the yummiest cupcakes ever.

  3. I'm going with a yummy cup cake recipe too

  4. Oh, Kylie, I couldn't go past my fail-proof pavlova. J x

  5. So cute. I'm thinking a heart shaped cookie recipe would be perfect for this ;)

  6. My nan's "pusher biscuits" made using her old biscuit pusher thingy ;-) You unscrew the top to change the disc to vary the shape of the biscuits, put in the dough & then push the wooden thingy into the dough to push out the biscuits. Perfect with a cuppa.

  7. Very cute idea...also lovin the look of your place...
    Recipe for Happiness
    1 Funny bone
    1 Big smile
    1 Big handful of patience
    1 Dash of Courtesy
    Mix with lots of love and humility.
    Put through a sieve to strain out all unkindness.
    Serve to everybody you meet.