07 February 2011

Valentine Pyrex

You see this pretty little Pyrex bowl?
Image: Kit & Nancy

The lovely Laura intended to sell it at Suitcase Rummage on the weekend. But she didn't. It didn't make it there. Because I hurriedly emailed Laura and asked her to pretty please keep it for me. Today, she brought it in to work, and our transaction was complete. Hurrah!

Laura's Suitcase Rummage efforts raised a fabulous $245 for the RSPCA flood appeal - everyone wins!

More photos soon of my lovely bowl in its new home...


  1. so glad it went to a good home! thank you again for your support. the total has now exceeded $300 so i'm totally chuffed. can't wait to see photos of it in it's new home! x

  2. So cute! It'll fit perfectly with your apple and pear cups!

    x Jasmine