19 February 2011

Thank you: Peppermint magazine, Mina + Oli and Quiet Paws!

Over the past week or so lady luck has been smiling on my yet again. First off, I won this beautiful Mina + Oli wristlet from Peppermint magazine! The lovely Laura selected this blue number for me, which is made from a recycled leather jacket. I really, really love it!

Then, I was most excited (and amused!) to learn that I'd won a HUGE prize pool over at Tracey's blog Quiet Paws. Tracey has won a few Flying Ducks giveaways, so I guess what goes around comes around! I won all this awesome stuff (including the scarf, which is from Tracey's personal collection), plus a $25 donation in my name to the RSPCA flood appeal, which means an awful lot to me as an animal lover.
Image: Quiet Paws

I'm also very patiently awaiting the arrival of a Cocolo chocolate pack, courtesy of a Twitter giveaway from Fair Trade Australia. I am a big Cocolo fan, as I usually buy chocolate 'bricks' through Project 18 to help raise funds for an orphanage in Indonesia.

Clearly I'm a very lucky girl lately!


  1. Congratulations Kylie! Especially like the mina & oli bag. Have a great weekend!

  2. Well, good for you, Kylie! You've been so generous with your giveaways so I'm pleased you're the lucky recipient now. J x

  3. You've done so very well on the giveaways ... surely that means you're a particularly awesome person? :)

    I'm so glad you liked all your quiet paws goodies ... though I suspect the RSPCA may have sent me the gift card made in your name ... no matter, I can give it to you at our next lunch! :)

  4. They are beautiful prizes!! Quick, go and buy a lotto ticket!!