01 February 2011

Thrift store treasure

For the third trip to Toowoomba in a row, I didn't make it to the St Vinnies store that I desperately wanted to visit. I've had some amazing success there in the past, but it closes at 11.30 on a Saturday morning! We left early enough, but didn't account for all the traffic backed up to get onto the range (which currently has a lane closed after the floods). Consequently, we took the Murphy's Creek detour instead, which added 40 minutes to our journey. (But, it did give us the opportunity to see how well the army and emergency services are progressing with the clean-up.)

However, I did manage to stop off at the Lifeline around the corner, which I've had limited success with in the past (such as getting my hands on the ceramic pie dish I used to bake my pavlova). This time, I had one lucky find: this pretty little carafe for $1.50.

I decided to put away the brown bowl that had been sitting on the bench holding pens and rubber bands and other bits and pieces, and it's been replaced with spotty cups and saucers that have been hiding away. My little display sits under the microwave in the right side of the kitchen, which means it's visible from the living area. It's nice to finally have an arrangement there that I'm happy with!


  1. There's a theme happening there, Kylie! xx

  2. Yes, I was going to comment how amazing it is that you sourced that.

  3. Oh another lovely fruity addition ... such a bargain!

    You'll just have to keep trying for that Toowoomba St Vinnies, I'm sure the timing will be right one of these days.

  4. PS - I think you need to just ask outright to buy Laura's pyrex dish - it's meant for your kitchen!

  5. Oh my goodness me indeed!
    I love how thrifting can see identical things show up in different places.

    Cheers to our apple carafes! :D

  6. Very nice decoration pieces, giving a comfortable feel in first look. There are books in one shelf and micro wave oven in the second, why is it so??