30 June 2010

Hello bunny friend

Regular readers of Flying Ducks know that I have quite a few (John might say too many!) bird objects around my home. What isn't quite as obvious is that I also love bunny rabbits, previously only evidenced by my Lightly mirror in the bedroom.
Clearly, I needed to rectify this rabbit drought. I picked up this little guy at Aladdin's Fair, held a couple of weeks ago at Downey Park in Windsor, Brisbane. I don't know anything about him as he doesn't have a stamp, but I suspect he was the 'hear no evil' third of a set of garden ornaments.

Our new bunny lives next to the sliding door onto the balcony in the living room. Unfortunately due to the recent overcast weather I've been unable to get a good shot of him in his home, but this is what he looks like.


  1. Oh I love that bunny mirror! I noticed that when I came over the other day. Where did you get him??

    PS I have the same thing with owls.

  2. I got the bunny mirror from Nook when the shop first opened. :)

  3. Nice! Yet another reason to come to Brisbane again!! Haha

  4. ohhh the bunny mirror is adorable! I also have a strange collection of bear and pug things!