27 June 2010

The Finders Keepers Markets

I ended up going to The Finders Keepers Markets in Brisbane not once, but twice. John came with me the first day, and then when my friend said she was going back for a second round on Sunday, I decided to tag along too. I didn't make any major purchases, but I did get things that I really needed (ok, wanted): some new brooches, hair accessories and a long necklace.

Here is a run-down on everything I bought (photographed on a bone china 'bamboo' tray from Have You Met Miss Jones?). First up, the brooches, starting with this cute little mirrored squirrel from A Skulk of Foxes. I really really wanted to buy their kissing bunnies necklace, but I'll save that for a future online purchase.

My next brooch purchase was from Brooke Johnson Design, who makes these lovely little fabric things. Too cute!

Next, this postage stamp brooch featuring some kind of gazelle-like creature. This one was an absolute bargain at $4 from Corky St Clair.

And the last brooch is this patterned blue bunny from Brisbane-based Tree Party Design.

I also got this very adorable wooden necklace on a long chain from Tree Party Design.

Finally, the hair accessories. These lovely clips are from Black and Bird.

And these little fabric-covered pins are courtesy of another Brisbane designer, Chi Designs. I also would have loved a Chi clutch, but perhaps that can be yet another future internet purchase.

There were many other items I could have blown some cash on - the clothes were incredible, as were many of the original art works and ceramic pieces. I think that for a total of less than $80, I did pretty well this weekend. I'd better start saving for the next one in November...


  1. The fabric covered button hair pins are pretty cool!

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  3. Thanks for dropping by Kylie. :) I got a great brooch from Corky St Clair also!

  4. Ooh, lots of lovely pretty things. Nice!

  5. The bunny brooch is too cute! I went to Finders Keepers on Saturday too and bought some stationery and ceramic pieces.

  6. wow ... went a bit ape on the brooch buying !! I should have gone but just ran out of puff by 4pm. I got your bag safe and sound in the mail .. hopefully a package should arrive this week for you!

  7. Yep, crazy with the brooches! But I REALLY needed some. ;)

    I would have alove a Bespoke Letterpress print too, although I think my husband may have killed me if I bought any more decorative objects...

  8. Aww I'm so sad I missed it, but Khris had to work so we couldn't get to Brisbane..next time!!!