24 May 2010

Mozi products

I have often admired MOZI products, particularly their totally gorgeous olive oil decanters, but don’t own any of their products for myself (aside from a freebie tea towel that my mum gave me — it was attached to Country Style magazine, I think). And today, thanks to a link to the MOZI website posted by Inside Out magazine on Twitter, I successfully wasted (or improved — I can’t quite decide) part of my day admiring their wares.

I think their favourite design of mine is ‘The medina’. I think the reds, blues and whites are a perfect match for our home, not to mention the cute little birdies. Blog readers, my birthday is not too far away, so I’m adding all these to my wishlist.

Oven mitts and pot holder…

The delightful decanter…

An apron that I’d look very glamorous baking in…

Tea towel…
And the side plate, mug and place mat…
Ok, that's enough dreaming for one day...


  1. Hi! thanks for contacting me. I completely agree with you whole-heartedly. I'm quite sure i'll get to a point where i have no choice but to break the pledge, but if that one purchase is at least quality and will last me years then that is the best i can do. definitely boycotting places like target, but my biggest gripe is with Supre. anyway i had better stop now before i go off on a rant :D

    good luck with your pledge, i'd love to know how it goes, i'll add you to the list right now.

    i haven't worked out how to embed code on a badge yet, so what everyone has been doing is saving the image to their computer then adding it to their blog as a gadget with a hyper-link. if you don't know what i mean, let me know and i'll explain it better.

    x isis

  2. Hi Isis!

    Thanks for your response - I'll have a play around with the badge on the weekend and see if I can work out how to add it to my blog. It shouldn't be too hard I'm sure. :)

    I certainly share your sentiments about Supre, although I don't think I've ever actually bought anything from there (although I do have my fair share of cheap, crappy clothes from similar stores).

    I'll aim to do a blog post in the coming days about the pledge, and what I hope to personally achieve. I must admit that underwear is something I hadn't really considered until I read your blog, but your list has given me some excellent options!

    I'm sure I'll be in touch over the coming months...


  3. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  4. Don't know if you know this Kylie but Mozi are from Melbourne and are very good friends with a mutual friend of ours....AM

  5. Hey Angelina! I knew they were from Melbourne, but didn't know you had a mutual friend. Makes sense - the design world is indeed small in this country!

    Are you are Semi-Permanent today? John's there...