05 May 2010

Crafty minx...

Just when I was starting to feel like I was well and truly wasting my last week of freedom before returning to work next week after two whole months off, I discovered my crafty side. I'm not the craftiest person in the world; in fact, I don't even come close. I have grandiose plans of learning how to sew (once I learn how to thread the machine properly), and I've dabbled in some very basic knitting and crochet, but that's where it ends.

In my first week of leave I purchased ten canvas tote bags and attempted, unsuccessfully, to use the Sukie iron-on transfers I got for Christmas. The failure wasn't entirely my fault - the fabric browned (i.e. started to burn) under the iron, and the canvas was not very good at bringing out the colours of the graphics. Fail.

So, with eight tote bags left, I decided to do something else within my limited cabability. I rummaged through John's art supplies and found some leftover acrylic and a brayer, and then wandered around the yard looking for some patterned leaves. And, behold, here is my leaf tote bag protoype!

It worked! The next step was to get some more paint and buttons, so I ventured off to Toombul to find some. The Lincraft there was a huge disappointment, but I found what I needed at the newsagent and the discount store (including some coloured waxed cord). I collected some more leaves on the walk home, and then made some more!

This next one is a little bit smudgy...

And this one is probably my favourite. It's not quite centred, but the detail transferred perfectly!

What do you think? Amateur? Or can I officially (finally) call myself a crafty minx?