29 November 2009

A sneak peek of our bookshelves

I always find myself squinting at interior design magazines trying to read the spines of books. It’s fascinating for me to know what other people like to read (or flick through!), so I thought I’d share some of the contents of our bookshelves.

This particular shelf is home to many (but not all) of our art books, with roughly half of them being books that I’ve worked on in some capacity (either editing, proofreading, or clearing copyright – sometimes all three!). My favourite book on this shelf is Banksy: Wall and Piece – it’s a first-edition hardcover that sold out rather quickly. I bought it on the day of release when I visited Tate Modern in London, and paid hefty postage costs to ship it home (still cheaper than paying for excess plane luggage!).

I'm hoping to add some more bookshelf shots over the coming weeks...

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