08 November 2009

Kylie and John's 2009 Christmas tree - vote now!

I'm determined to create my own Christmas tree for the second year running. Here is what I came up with last year:
John didn't like that one very much, so yesterday I created this one out of an old design magazine:
He isn't too sure about that one either. I could try creating one a little more tree-like, sort of like this one:
I'm also thinking I might try my hand at making an entirely cardboard one. I really like the one made by the Cardboard Christmas Tree company - how hard could it be to make one myself (perhaps sans pop-out decorations)?
And here is my latest creation - a use for just a few of our many books, with a choice of toppers.
I need opinions! Vote now! The tree with the most votes will become our 2009 Christmas tree.


  1. Cardboard one. The books just looks like, well, a pile of books. :-p

  2. Where's your imagination Irene? :P

    I've had 2 other votes for the magazine tree - one for my original design, and one for the more tree-like one.

    Need more votes!

  3. I love folded paper of any sort so the magazine concept appeals to me the most of all of these, but I still feel that it's supposed to be a tree and therefore should be much larger?

  4. Now you've given me a challenge!

    John is apparently making a plywood one for work, so I'll wait and see what that looks like. It it's ok, he can make me one too!

  5. Can you put some baubles on the books? (Chelsea)

  6. Hi Chelsea! Yes, I supposed I could. I'm still trying to convincr John to make a plywood one like the one he made for work. Will see how that goes and post pics if I get one!

  7. I like the design magazine one (but the one that looks more like a tree). Very good Kylie! ...I sort of like the books too, in a very subtle kind of way ;)