23 October 2011

Close-up: art hanging system

By popular demand, here are some close-up shots to show how our art hanging system works. Firstly, you remove the cap from one end of the track and slide in a hanger. Each of these hooks can hold up to ten kilograms.

Then you can adjust the hook to the required height by sliding it along the plastic tubing.

Finally, you hang your frame (or, in this case, skateboard) on the hook. The plastic tubing is quite long, so you can hide it behind by loosely securing it with a rubber band.

You can change the configuration at any time by sliding the hangers along the track or changing the height of the hook. This makes it very easy in our case to just add more skateboards to the wall!


  1. Kylie! This is super clever. I love it.
    xx Megan

  2. I always wondered how it worked. That's really effective. xx

  3. Kylie this is the biz. No kisses from me though.

  4. You can be a professional fashion designer.