09 October 2011

Art hanging system

In my last post about skateboard art I mentioned that we were considering having an art hanging system installed in the living room. Well, the price turned out to be so affordable that we decided to have two walls done! We went with the original plan of the wall above the TV (where the boards were hanging), as well as the main wall that runs along the hall.

I think this system will work very well for us, as it allows us to change our display very easily. The skateboards are now hanging on the main wall (with the two new boards still to be hung), and our framed Blacklist Studio prints (which were previously on the floor leaning against the wall) are now above the TV. I'd still eventually like to hang my Kozyndan print on the main wall once it's framed, but I love that we now have the flexibility to change our minds about the configuration whenever we feel like it (rather than drilling permanent holes into the concrete walls).

What do you think?! We've only had it installed for a day, so it's still very new and exciting for me...


  1. I'm very jealous! What system did you get? I'm planning to pull down all my art and just rotate stuff plus leave up a few big pieces - including the Bunny Uprising ltd ed print I got when Kozyndan were in Australia for Outre! It's huge.

  2. It looks great. I was going to ask what the systems was to and if you could show it in more detail? thanks. x

  3. I'd be interested in which system you used also, Kylie. The prints look good on the wall now. They looked a bit 'left out' when they were on the floor, now they have pride of place!...T