18 December 2010

How I went with my 2010 goals

Some of you may remember that at the beginning of 2010 I wrote a list of six goals for the year. I thought I should revisit and see how I went with them.

Goal number 1: Learn how to sew
Success! This is the goal that I most wanted to conquer. I started off with a short course at a local school, as well as some help from my friend Shilo. I haven't yet tackled the cushions I want to make with my Florence Broadhurst fabric, but that's because I want to tackle more difficult things like clothes first. Then the cushions will seem super easy! Here are a couple of my creations from throughout the year.

Goal number 2: Get plantation shutters installed
Thanks to a very generous wedding gift from my parents, we got our plantation shutters in March. There were some slight problems with them (the mechanism on the living room ones was a little loose, and there was a large scratch on the bedroom ones). But, Cosmopolitan Shutters were kind enough to replace the whole lot for us, so now they're perfect!

Goal number three: Have some art works framed
Although this goal hasn't quite been completed, I took some steps towards achieving it! At work they were auctioning off some high-quality frames used for art works, so I picked up a couple of big ones for some of our prints. I'll just need to take them to the framer for correct mounting sometime in the new year.

Goal number four: Finish the bathroom
Again, this has been partially done. We repainted the week after our wedding, but haven't quite finished off the second coat of the edges. We didn't install towel rails, but instead got a much more aesthetically pleasing stand-alone rack. We've decided to have a bit more work done on the bathroom, such as replacing the vanity and shower curtain rail, and installing the shower head and tiles a bit higher (as with the height of the new bath the shower head is far too low for John!). Here's what we've done so far.

Goal number five: Paint the cupboard doors
Ok, we didn't do this one. Maybe next year.

Goal number six: Learn to take better photos
I think I did ok with this one. I didn't get myself a better camera, but just practised a lot more. I think my main success was photographing food, but I think I also did ok with photographing our home as well. How do you think I went?

I also achieved success with a couple of other goals that weren't listed in my original list. I got married, but I also learnt to drive, and in a manual car! I started taking lessons at the beginning of my long-service leave, and finally got my licence in early October. Now all I need to do is build up the confidence to drive alone!

I already have a pretty big list of goals for 2011, so I'll do a post about those in the coming weeks.


  1. Good goal keeping work Kylie. You've done a great deal better than I did with mine. Time to start working on my 2011 list.....

  2. Well good for you, Kylie! I'm impressed, particularly about learning to sew - one of my dreams as well. I did some posts about editing photos in Blogger if you're interested. J x PS Thanks for my little parcel in the mail - most appreciated!

  3. You did pretty well I think! It's good to look back on your goals. I will have to work on setting some for myself. I did make some rather big steps this year but I can't say I really wrote a list of goals.

  4. Nice work Kylie! Bring on 2011 and all the new exciting things there will be to start learning and practicing x

  5. That's pretty good Kylie! I don't worry to much about photos... just thank goodness for Photoshop :)

  6. Fantastic! You've achieved SO much ... I'm going to have to steal a little of your design inspiration when it comes time for me to make some improvements to my house! ;)

    I love the look of those plantation shutters ... so white and bright! :)

  7. Oh it is always nice to reflect and see how much you have accomplished in a year! Especially around the house! Currently compiling a massive list for next year as my last year resolutions were very vague (eg. be healthy, exercise more etc) and I think I need to be more specific!

    Thanks for your comment! I'm sure my boy would love to swap a pav for the watermelon 'cake' haha.