01 December 2010

The Christmas decorations are up!

I spent last night carefully punching out my recycled paper Polli decorations and tying them to our recycled timber Christmas tree. I had so many left over that I also strung them up above the shutters (and I STILL have about six left!).

Aren't they pretty?! For those who missed my posts last year, John and our tree from scrap timber we found at Reverse Garbage, and then I decorated it with leftover paint in the garage. With our added eco decorations from Polli, we now have an environmentally friendly decorated home for Christmas!

There's less than a day left in my Christmas giveaway for this week, but there will be another one up on Friday!


  1. Yay! I love those Polli decorations. I hung up my DIY Christmas banner (it's on my blog) but I need to get out my tiny (hand-me-down from my mum) tree and Christmas puddings knitted by one of the elderly volunteers at the hospital. I saw similar puddings in a trendy store in Perth for $20 each (mine were only $5 and most of that goes to the hospital charity). This year I also bought some knitted champagne flute cosies from the same lady, in Santa colours. I should post the on my blog too!

  2. Those decorations are gorgeous!! I really need to get organised and find where my Christmas tree is hiding out ... though I do love your D.I.Y version! :)

  3. They are so cool - what a great idea for the tree. We're going to put ours up tonight - I'm very excited!