06 February 2012

My latest sewing project...

I'm at home sick today (mostly to rest my back which I put out last week), so I thought I should post a long-overdue update on my sewing activities.

A few weeks ago, Rebecca and I went to a 30 per cent off sale at The Fabric Store. One of the prints I came away with was this pale green check, which I decided to make into a sleeveless top (using the same pattern I've used to make this, this and this).

I had quite a few issues making this top, but they were all entirely my own doing. I made the mistake of thinking I could 'switch off' because I'd worked with the same pattern before, but anyone who sews will know that this is a stupid approach to take. (I also partly blame Michael Tunn for distracting me with his excellent Australia Day online radio playlist.) The first big mistake I made was joining two wrong edges of the back (and not realising until after I'd added a zip). The second mistake (after I'd corrected the first one) was to sew the front to the back so that one side was inside out. Oops. Consequently the project took a lot longer than the 'two hours' mentioned on the packet (as they always do anyhow).

While I don't yet have any photos of me wearing it, here is the finished product. As you can see, I decided to omit the planned button details and instead made a bow out of matching fabric. It also goes nicely with the Snug brooch that Rebecca kindly gave me.

The top is very comfortable worn untucked with jeans, and can be dressed up for a more 'corporate' look with a skirt. Here it is with the black skirt I made last year.

I'm not entirely happy with the fit of the top (it would be ideal if it was a little bit more fitted under the arms), but overall it's not bad. The really great news is that I've just received these three sewing books, which will teach me more about how to adapt patterns to suit me (rather than just making the smallest size and hoping for the best). It will take a bit of practise, but I think it will be worth the time investment.


  1. Ohhh ... such a pretty top, despite the troubles it gave you. I love the little bow too - so sweet! :)

  2. Cute top!! May be you can take in the side seams and perhaps move the darts to get a better fit. (I often do this for my students) You can try this by pinning and tacking.

  3. Lovely blog. It's a pity you don't post that much recently!