08 January 2012

New sewing project: apple print dress

So rather than addressing the fact that I haven't shown my face around here in quite a while, I'll just get straight into showing you my latest completed sewing project.

A little while ago, my friend Kass (who I've known since I was eight, but not seen since I was twelve) contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in joining her to work on a sewing project. She had an original 1950s dress pattern that she wanted to try out, and I couldn't say no!

We both decided to tackle the view on the left. Kass is also adding the embellishments, but I decided to leave it plain given that I chose a bold fabric. We both made some minor alterations to the bodice, and I also omitted the piped waistband and decided to the bodice directly to the skirt. Here is the bodice in progress.

The bodice was by far the most complicated bit, so I was glad to have that out of the way. However, while the skirt was easy since I've worked with gathers before, it was very time consuming due to the ridiculous volume of fabric. Here is the unfinished dress (no zip or hem) right after I attached the skirt to the bodice.

Finally, once the zip was added and the skirt was hemmed (also very time consuming due to the volume of fabric), it was done! I decided to photograph it with a pop art filter to enhance its brightness.

I've purchased this patent red skinny belt online, as I think it will finish it all off nicely.

This was by far the biggest sewing project I've embarked on, and overall it went very smoothly. It did take me about 12 hours (including cutting the pattern), but I have to say it was well worth it. If I was to make this dress again, I'd definitely remove a lot of the skirt fabric; it's quite heavy (partly due to the canvas-like fabric), so not really suited to Brisbane summer days. That said, I LOVE this dress and will be wearing it every chance I get!


  1. Damn good work, Timmins! A lovely outfit. Wear it on Friday please!

  2. So pretty and such great work!
    I haven't been brave enough to tackle anything harder than a wrap dress yet. I hope to one day be able to sew vintage lovelies like this. :)

  3. I love, love, love how it turned out Kylie!
    Sounds like a perfect dress for wearing in air-conditioned comfort (until the cooler months rock around anyway).

  4. You did a great job KPC. I might suggest a light cotton or poly cotton. Lighter fabric, easy to sew and easy care fabric. Head over to Spotlight, they have stacks and you can probably still get a bargain at this time of the year. With a lighter fabric you might want to think about still keeping the amount of fabric in the skirt as it will probably need it from the look of this pattern.

    Love the pattern though, where did she get it from. If you are interested I can send you a link to buy patterns online. I just bought a stack about $300 worth (RRP) for $65. $5 each plus postage. They were having a sale of discontinued styles, Vogue, McCalls etc....T

  5. The other advantages to sewing your own clothing is that you can create styles in colors not available on the mass market, and make your look as individual as you like.