02 October 2010

Favourite Things Project: Storage

This week for the Being Tazim Favourite Things Project, the topic is creative organised spaces. As both John and I have a tendency to leave lots of stuff laying around (mostly bits of paper, bills and magazines), we've had to make sure that we have plenty of storage places available to hide it all. I wouldn't say any of them are creative as such; they're just what I consider a necessity!

In the living areas, we have magazine storage boxes under the television cabinet...

...a lockable cabinet to hide all of my study mess in the dining alcove...

...a giant plastic apple to hide little bits and pieces...

...and a vintage Kartell magazine rack which I love dearly.

In the bedroom, we have a couple of old suitcases (the top one holds the drawings and paintings I did as a child, and the bottom one holds yet more magazines)... 

... and a red Pantone canister that holds all of my button badges.

In the office, we have some plastice drawers which I covered with textured wrapping paper (they hide all kinds of random things, most of which probably should be thrown out)... 

...and a Kartell Componbilli unit for all of John's sculpting materials.

And, finally, in the kitchen, I have an assortment of red canisters on the windowsill to keep tea bags and sugar.

 As I currently have a big pile of magazines sitting on one of the side tables, some on the floor and others in piles elsewhere, I should probably invest in more storage boxes sooner rather than later!


  1. Very pretty! Especially love the red canisters and suitcases.

  2. I have that same grey IKEA cabinet! It houses mailing supplies and blank paper/cardstock and sits inside my storage closet! Love your canisters on the window sill. I like how you added the black and white (paper?) to the plastic storage bins. I really wanted to post pics of my organization. . .but maybe will during the home decor event!

  3. I love your magazine rack! It seems you have your stuff mostly under control. xx

  4. Love the pops of red!

    Just came by to say...

    Congratulations - you've been nominated for Most Creative Blogger in the Who's WHO in 2010 for 2011 event.. come nominate YOUR choice here: http://theblogfrog.com/1370931/forum/56186/most-creative-blogger-.html

  5. Love the Pantone canister ! Gunna get me a Pantone espresso mug one of these days.